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Usborne Advanced Lift-the-Flap Book Set (Any 8 books, write your choices in the Notes when ordering)

$ 119.92

Choose Any 8 Books of the Following. You can either write the titles you want in the Notes section when you order or don't write anything and we'll surprise you.

Lift-the-flap: Adding and Subtracting

Lift-the-flap: Biggest, Fastest, Tallest...

Lift-the-flap: Biology

Lift-the-flap: Bugs & Butterflies

Lift-the-flap: Computers and Coding

Lift-the-flap: Construction and Demolition

Lift-the-flap: Engineering

Lift-the-flap: Fractions and Decimals

Lift-the-flap: General Knowledge

Lift-the-flap: Grammar & Punctuation

Lift-the-flap: How Your Body Works

Lift-the-flap: Math Shapes

Lift-the-flap: Measuring Things

Lift-the-flap: Multiplying & Dividing

Lift-the-flap: Periodic Table



Interactive flap books packed with information for inquisitive young minds

Ages: 6 and up

8 3/4 x 11 1/8



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