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Life of Fred Elementary Mathematics Book 1: Apples

Life of Fred

Life of Fred Elementary Mathematics Book 1: Apples

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Now you will be able to start the Life of Fred series with your child sitting on your lap . . .
. . . and finish the series sitting on his/her lap!

You are ready to start Life of Fred Elementary when...
1. You can talk in sentences.
2. You are willing to listen to a 5 page story.
3. You can hold a pencil.
4. You can print the digits 0 to 10
5. You know your basic addition and subtraction facts up to 10

Dr. Schmidt recommends that all students up to 4th grade start with Apples and work their way through the entire elementary series.

This is the first book of the ten books in Elementary Series:

1. Apples (Sample pages): This book covers beginning mathematics including . . .
Numbers that Add to 7; Circles; Ellipses; Reading 6:00 on a Clock; 5 + ? = 7; Days of the Week; Leap Years; Spelling February; 15 Degrees Below Zero (-15°); Counting by Fives; 3x + 4x = 7x; ante meridiem (a.m.); One Million; Squares; The "There Are Zero . . ." Game; Sets; the Popularity of Zero; Triangles; ? (not equal); x + 4 = 7; One Thousand; Counting by Hundreds; Reading 3:05 on a Clock; Rectangles.


Unlike all other math programs, this one also teaches about:
• Dressing for Cold Weather 
• Deciduous Trees and Deciduous Teeth 
• Archimedes 287 B.C. Wrote The Sand Reckoner and Got Killed Being Rude
• Donner and Blitz in German
• Euclid Wrote The Elements
• Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
• Whales Are Not Fish
• Why Boats Are Cheaper to Rent in the Winter
• Herbivores and Carnivores
• the Colors of the Rainbow
• a King in Checkmate
• the Story of the Titanic

The answers are included in the textbook. Complete this book and you are ready for Life of Fred Butterflies.

Life of Fred Apples is a hardcover textbook containing 128 pages. This book is not consumable. All answers are written on separate paper or in a notebook. It is designed to be read with the student.

Life of Fred Apples contains 19 lessons and is designed to take approximately one month to complete.


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