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Singapore Math

Challenging Word Problems for Primary Mathematics 6

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NOTE: Singapore Math hasn't updated Challenging Word Problems 6 to Common Core version. So this workbook aligns exactly with the US Edition Textbook and Workbook.

Challenge your advanced math students or provide new goals for students of every ability level with this book of challenging math problems. Designed to complement both the Singapore Math Primary Mathematics US Ed series, these books will help improve students' problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning abilities. Students will need to use a variety of problem-solving strategies, and alternative methods are possible to arrive at the answer. Even advanced students will most likely require some assistance.

Included Features:

  • Worked Examples for each topic
  • Practice Questions
  • Challenging Problems provide opportunities for more capable students to solve harder word problems
  • Miscellaneous Questions allow students to review and test their understanding of the concepts from the Primary Mathematics textbooks and earlier topics.

194 pages, softcover. Grade 6.

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